Yara Alenazi

WA raced Pembroke WA. A rocky start and a surge of power from bow side had them crash into a barge, as Pembroke overtook them. But a quick recovery and solid rowing had them catch up but not enough distance meant they lost the race. Despite this, today’s a new day and we’re expecting very positive results from the girls.


Ben Moule

The men’s boat established dominance against St Anne’s early into the race. Gentleman as they are, they decided they’d give Anne’s a fighting chance by valiantly catching a crab and falling off of their seats. Sadly these efforts were largely ignored by St Annes and Worcester still won by a convincing 2 lengths.


Maya Heine

WB had a really good race despite a bumpy row to the start line (they crashed into the bank, other boats you name it). Looked really good in 8s and smashed Exeter.


Ella Duffy

WC raced St. John’s, considering this was essentially their 3rd outing, rowing in 8s is a challenge to them. So considering they did this fine for the whole course is an achievement! Few crabs along the way….