Interested in Rowing for Worcester?

Not only is Worcester one of the most stunningly beautiful and friendly of the Oxford colleges, it also boasts one of the most popular, vibrant and up-and-coming boat clubs in the university. Worcester College Boat Club was one of the first Oxford boat clubs to take part in the infamous ‘bumps racing’, an event which now takes place in Hilary Term (‘Torpids’) and Trinity Term (‘Summer Eights’). Rowing at the university is steeped in tradition and is a perfect way to immerse yourself in Oxford life.

Worcester routinely puts out two men’s and two women’s crew for Torpids and Eights, and often more.

Not only is rowing for Worcester a brilliant way to stay active and involved, it also boasts a vibrant social scene, both within Worcester itself and at an inter-collegiate level. Boat Club Dinners, pub crawls, cocktail parties and various other social events are a great way to meet new people and are always highlights of the term.

If you are interested in rowing but have never rowed before, have no fear – most of us were the same! You don’t need to be a muscular giant, you don’t need prior experience, and you don’t need to worry about the early mornings (they’re really not a problem). Even if you’ve never been a sportsperson before, we’d love for you to come and learn to row with us this Michaelmas. Dedicated coaches will teach you everything you need to know culminating in the all-novice Christ Church Regatta at the end of term. Just sign up at the Fresher’s Fair, come along to the Boathouse BBQ and taster sessions in Freshers’ Week, or email any of the addresses below for more information.

If you have rowed before and would like to continue at Worcester, please get in touch with our captains – , ,

Every crew needs a cox, so if rowing is not your thing then maybe coxing will take your fancy. The role of a cox is crucial – steering the boat and making the right calls to ensure a race plan is carried out! If you are interested in coxing, you can learn in Michaelmas term – you needn’t have coxed before! Feel free to get in touch – , ,


WCBC subs are some of the lowest of any boat club subscription, at a maximum of £35 a term for first boats, and lower for subsequent boats.  They are crucial for paying for the club and we rely on them to perform.  Subs are billed at the end of each term. Do note that if the cost of rowing is the thing stopping you from taking up rowing, do have a chat with us – we will always be able to sort something out!