Day 1 roundup: (Alex Nevin)

M2 –  St. Benet’s Hall M1 close to 1/4 of a length rapidly off the start, but a heroic effort stops them gaining any more ground. Benet’s looked pretty broken as M2 cement their row over. Same tomorrow?

W2 –  A fast Lincoln W2 catch Worcester on the entrance to the gut. Superb evasive coxing from Iona Woodward prolongs the race and we almost fed Lincoln to a ferocious Magdalen W2, but it was not to be.

W1 –  A seat malfunction at stroke leaves Worcester wounded early in the race, and Exeter seize the opportunity. Will tomorrow bring revenge? Or will LMH be too much too handle?

M1 –   Strong wind and atrocious chop weren’t enough to stop a charging Worcester, who emphatically bumped St. John’s M1 on the exit of the gut. Camron at bow even managed to reach over and grab their stern. Rumour has it Lincoln were losing ground to John’s – Worc-Lincoln-Mansfield sandwich likely tomorrow.

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