Torpids Day 3 roundup:

W2- 12:30 – ⬇️Some good looking rowing from the crew today, but sadly not enough to hold off Hughs who managed to secure the bump along greenbanks. Digging deep, Worcester valiantly held off Corpus who were chasing for the overbump along boathouse island and into the finish. W2 may have dropped one place, but spirits are still high for the final day of racing tomorrow!
W1- 2:30 -⬆️First bump of Torpids 2019 for Worcester! W1 set themselves up for the bump with a punchy and powerful start, closing quickly on Teddy Hall and securing the bump before the gut. Two terms of hard work rewarded with a nice early bump! This moved them to the sandwich boat for WDiv2
W1 – 3:30 – ↔️ As sandwich boat, W1 had to race again. A strong row saw them closing on Linacre who started 3 positions ahead. The gap was too big for W1 to achieve the triple over bump, but a good effort all round
M1 – 3:00 -⬇️ Very good rowing seen from the M1 crew today. They sadly got bumped by St Hugh’s at the exit of the gut, but St Hugh’s have a very strong crew this year so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. All their eyes are now focused towards tomorrow, when they will be looking to rowover on the final day to avoid spoons. It’s looking possible!

Tomorrow’s race timings:
W2: 12:30
W1: 2:30 and potentially 3:30
M1: 3:00