High expectations were set by our four amazing crews on Wednesday, but would their streak continue to the next day?

Destiny’s Children

To be published shortly.

The Worcester Men

The Worcester Men lined up against a strong, fierce and large competitor on the start line against… nobody.  A row over was required to reach the second round, and the only thing that lay between them was 600 treacherous meters of open water.  “How would we ever make it?”, they asked themselves.  Boldy and bravely, they flew off to a racing start, holding a strong and steady pace past the Worcester Boathouse.  A strong settle to a rate 16 brought them a victory with a margin of 600m.

The Worcester Men will race St. Peter’s College MB.

The Power Buff Girls

After a glorious victory against SJC yesterday, The Power Buff Girls were vying for more.  A strong Wolfson WA (who won Nephthys, a week earlier) lined up imposingly.  Despite being the first Worcester crew to brave the long course, the girls were not unsettled, and flew off to a fantastic start, moving up to a length ahead of Wolfson (having started with a half a length stagger).  An unfortunate, but swiftly dealt with crab equalised the early lead, leaving us half a length as we rounded Univ corner.  As the corner played out in Wolfson’s favour, the girls put on a huge push, leaving Wolfson level as we passed the Worcester Boathouse.  As the length of the course started to take its toll, the girls stayed strong and rowed tidily and well, but the grad college’s extra training and years proved too much, and defeat was conceded to a margin of one length.

The race video can be found here https://youtu.be/CB2P8pihea8

A strong result for the girls, and the only defeat from Christ Church Regatta was one through the draw.

Michelle Row-Bama

Michelle Row-Bama enjoyed a day of rest, and will return on Friday.

Crew Lists

The Power Buff Girls The Worcester Men Destiny’s Children
Caroline Hsu
Robyn King
Jenny Thomas
Camilla Dickson
Emily Wu
Maya Heine
Charlotte Winter
Dina Jundi (in for Lizzie Heyes)
Jameson Lee (in for Leila Tai)
Charlies Forbes
Jack Bruford
Ben Darwent
Tom Williams
Ben Smart
Will Crawford
Jake Moore
Ben Phillips (in for Michael Titze)
Jameson Lee (in for Dina Jundi)
Laura Smith
Jessica Bradley
Adelya Baban
Georgia Pantazides
Sonja Geldermans
Saava O’Kirwan
Marie-Colombe Du Hamel De Milly
Mathilde Perrocheau
Sophie Harbord