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Torpids 2022 Roundup

Wednesday-Saturday of 7th week (2-5 March) Worcester College Boat Club took part in Torpids (Hilary term bumps racing). It was an extremely successful week for WCBC with all three crews bumping up. W2 bumped Pembroke on day 1 and Wadham on day 2. On day 3, an equipment malfunction lead to them being bumped Osler house but they still managed to bump Mansfield. On day 4 they bumped St John’s. They were so good they bumped out every day before we could see them from Boathouse Island and we look forward to seeing them racing again in Summer 8s. W1 were equally successful, also going +3 over the week. They bumped Queen’s on day, rowed over day 2 (nearly getting the triple over-bump on Merton), bumped Merton on day 3, and bumped St Hilda’s on the Saturday. M1 rowed over on days 1 and 2 (getting very close to the crews ahead and far away from chasing crews). They got their first bump on day 3 on Corpus Christi and then bumped again on Saint Peter’s (who they had chased days 1 and 2) on the Saturday in front of the boathouse. Unfortunately they have since been awarded two penalty bumps following a crash after the bump. Overall it was a great week for everyone involved in WCBC, being the most successful campaign in over a decade. Thanks to everyone who came down to support this week and we look forward to seeing you soon for summer 8s (from 25th May). For more detailed daily roundups, photos and videos, and future updates, please follow our Facebook and Instagram where we regularly post.

WCBC bumps chart (before penalty bumps).

Eights 2019 Friday

Summer 8s Day 3:

W1: ⬇️Today’s start was better for our ladies. However Brasenose proved to be a lot faster than expected and our beloved W1 was caught by the start of the gut once again. Will they get spoons tomorrow *for the 4th year in a row*? Will they be saved by a magic Swan? We don’t know… But they’d sure enjoy some cheering from the boathouse on the last day!

M1: ⬇️ The men’s squad unfortunately ran into technical issues when a footplate came off during our warm-up, and we weren’t able to fix it sufficiently before the race got under way. So it came off once again a few strokes after the start and our fate was quickly ended by the chasing Merton crew.

Eights 2017 Roundup

Apologies for being a bit tardy with the race reports – here’s the results of our races:


Weds Thurs Fri Sat Net
M1 -1 0 -1 -1 -3
W1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
M2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
W2 0 -1 0 0 -1
W3 +1 +1 +1 +1 +4 BLADES!

Cambridge Winter Head 2016


This weekend, the Men’s Development Squad took an eight up to Cambridge Winter Head.  Kindly hosted by Magdalene College Boat Club, a moderately scratched crew braved enemy waters.  Using a borrowed shell, the fearless men of eight powered up to the start, with impeccable technique and strength, impressing the marshals so much that they moved the boat up 50 places in the start order.  A powerful, light and rapid start sent the boys flying through the timing post, pulling an impressive time through the 1k timing point.  The Cam’s narrow and twisty bends were no challenge for the crew, and they stormed through the infamous 90 degree ‘gut’ with absolutely no trouble.  As they passed the half way mark, the boys tired, but thanks to the incredible willpower and quick catches, they soldiered through, all the way to the end, finishing the course in an impressive nine minutes and fifty seconds, coming 44th out of 236 and only being beaten by the local headship contenders and university squads.  A solid start to the season that shows the boys can do some damage this year.

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