The Worcester Men

They began the day, thoroughly thrashing St Peter’s (who had seniors in their. boat) by 3 lengths

Quick turnaround at the boathouse, only to get knocked out by Keble A in a race where Worcester crabbed multiple times off the start, brief hope was offered when the race was klaxoned due to the racing line being blocked by another crew boating, however race desk decided that the gap was large enough to call the race as a victory for Keble 🙁

Ben Phillips

Michelle Row-Bama

Michelle Row-Bama rowed beautifully in the face of great adversity today – last minute changes in the crew, 3’s shoe coming off the footplate while warming up and several stressful pile-ups on the river before racing. After a strong start, our wonderful remaining women’s crew held level with Green Templeton. They rowed powerfully (and with good timing!) until the top of boathouse island, where the superior strength of the graduates showed as they pulled ahead. The women remained strong under their faithful cox and rowed a clean, fast race to the finish line after Green Templeton.

Sophie Harbord

Christ Church Summary

A fantastic regatta for WCBC, showing real promise for the novices, who will be vying for more, and will be training eagerly for bumps.  A quick recap of the week:

The Power Buff Girls won their first round race against St. Johns by a considerable margin, but the luck (or lack of) the draw meant they faced Nephthys winners, Wolfson WA in the second round, performing exceptionally well, only losing by a length.

The Worcester Men lost their first round race against Keble B, the Nephthys runner ups, before rowing over to reach the second round against St. Peter’s.  Having convincingly sent St. Peter’s home, the luck of the draw brought Worcester misery again in the form of another Nephthys winner, Keble A, who unfortunately proved too tough, and thus ended the Men’s run at Christ Church.

Destiny’s Children lost their first round race against a boat full of seniors in the form of Regent’s Park A, and unfortunately lost against a very strong LMH B.  The girls won’t go home disheartened, and will only train harder to seek their revenge in the form of bumps.

Michelle Row-Bama won their first round race convincingly against Christ Church B, a boat carrying seniors, only to end up facing the larger and more experienced grads of GTC A in the third round.  A decent fight was put up by the girls, and they will walk into BCD proud.

Overall, a fantastic regatta for the squad, that shows real talent and hunger amongst the novices – Christ Church Regatta has proven that the Boat Club, joined by an amazing group of novices, will make a very large dent in the bumps table for this season.

Jameson Lee