As the cannon fired M2 got off to a somewhat shaky start just as we began to settle we were given the surprising call to wind down as we had already bumped St Peter’s. (Literally nothing to say really the race was less than 30 seconds long) (Ben Moule)


W2 had a fab, strong start and immediately closed the gap to half a length from Trinity and left Hertford in their dust. Holding a speedy pace, it took them less than 400m and probably less than a minute to get the bump! (Sophie Harbord)


M1 had a speedy start, closing quickly on Corpus, however, a technical issue meant that the stride call wasn’t heard throughout to boat, and the mixed rhythm gave Corpus the chance to fight back.  As the crew went through the gut, M1 started taking inch after inch out of the Corpus lead, and came very close to bumping, but sadly wasn’t enough to overcome the pushes made by Corpus and their clean water advantage.  (Jameson Lee)


W1 sadly crashed on the start line due to a combination of questionable pole-ing and the wind, and conceded to brasenose. There was excitement further up when there was debate over whether we’d bumped Anne’s by rowing past them but the appeal didn’t go through and we didn’t bump. Good reset and rowing for the rest of the course after the crash though! (Ella Duffy)