Day 1 roundup:

W2 –  A disappointing race for W2 following a coxing mishap and a broken seat at stroke. After being bumped more than once, they continued to row valiantly for the whole course. W2 have most certainly got the legs to bump their way back up so let’s see what tomorrow can bring!

W1 – A solid row over for W1. Exeter closing in the gut but were held off by a big push from Worcester as the race progressed. Worcester even stretching the gap out once hearing the cheers from the boathouse. Hoping for some bumps later in the week!

M1 – Today we didn’t see the start M1 wanted to have, instead they dropped a place to St Anne’s. It was looking promising though after a solid start saw them keeping up with Corpus Christi. However, St Anne’s boat was closing in, which caused a few unfortunate errors, and after one of their blades got stuck in the water slowing us down to a halt, were forced to concede. The potential is there though, even if it’s hard to see after today, and that’s positive news going into tomorrow!