Day 4 roundup (Alex Nevin):

M2 – a rampaging Exeter M2 and an unfortunate crab rapidly put paid to M2’s hopes of a row-over. Down 3 over the week – but 2 weeks ago we weren’t expecting to even have an M2, and it’s thanks only to Jáchym Solecký that we got a boat out. So well done to all of them.

W2 –  they held St. John’s off with relative ease, long enough for New to catch John’s and guaranteeing a straightforward row-over. Spoons avoided. As with M2, this crew suffered from severe depletion at the hands of exams – congratulations to them for avoiding the spoons that would have awaited a less dedicated crew.

W1 –  a blading Green-Templeton proved too much off the start, and W1 had earned their spoons by Donnington Bridge. A shame for the women’s side that they had such powerful crews behind this week , but Bumps isn’t always fair. We await next year’s sequel, Revenge of the Martlet.

M1 –  this was always going to be the hardest race of the week, and it was. Merely on station with Queen’s at Longbridges, a powerful pair-by-pair build on the Green Bank, slowly reeled them in. We crossed with half a length between us at Univ, and a final push broke a running Queen’s about 100m upstream of Worcester boathouse. This ex-Cantab thought he’d done Bumps racing, but the phenomenal roar of Boathouse Island on the Saturday of Eights is now seared in my memory. And Worcester College Men’s 1st VIII has won its blades! It has been a great pleasure captaining this group of men this term. WCBC is back.

Thanks to every spectator, supporter, marshal and umpire for making our week possible. See you in 9 months time, when Worcester goes to Torpids 2019.