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Torpids 2017 Wednesday and Thursday



Unfortunately for M1 a bad line off the start saw blades scraping the banks just before Donny Bridge giving Mansfield the opportunity to move in for the bump. M1 recovered well and were soon back at speed but were caught by St Anne’s in the gut. Holding strong on the race line down Greenbanks M1 powered on while LMH and Keble went wide and fought it out in front of race desk. Keble were evidently not able to catch LMH as W1 was caught by LMH just before boathouse island and then by Keble at the Wadham raft. Undeterred, M1 put in a stellar performance along Christchurch meadows, finding an extra burst of energy and power to hold off a late challenge from Merton, a good sign for things to come tomorrow when they will line up in front of Merton. (Leila Tai)


W1 were at bungline 10, chasing St Annes and being chased by Brasenose. Pushing as hard as they could, they rowed cleanly past St Catz just before Donny bridge, who had already been caught by St Annes. Tomorrow they will be chasing St Annes again. (Nicki Hubbard)


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W2 got off to a solid start but unfortunately not quick enough to hold off a newly motivated Regent’s Park, out for blood after yesterday’s epic bump, and were bumped just after Donny Bridge. Unfortunately, this was the start of a bad run for W2 as the tangle with Regent’s blades saw W2 lose precious seconds. The girls stayed determined and didn’t stop rowing despite the interference but were quickly caught by Wolfson 3 at the start of the gut and then Somerville 2 who came up from nowhere just at the mouth of the gut. W2 recovered quickly and rowed long and strong down Greenbanks and, spurred on by cheers from the Worcester Boat House, showed great timing and focus all the way to the finish. (Leila Tai)



M1 got off to a speedy start, coming within half a length of Teddy Hall, but sadly weren’t able to convert this into a bump, and as they exited the gut were forced to concede to a strong crew from Univ who had stolen a march on them from behind. What followed was an epic chase as M1 rowed down Greenbank with Lincoln hot on their tail. The two crews sped bast Boathouse Island with Lincoln gaining ever so slowly on Worcester and, tragically, they got the bump with mere metres to go before the finish line. Bad luck for M1 today, but their constitutions remain strong, as does their determination to make their mark over the next three days. (Ben Phillips)


Worcester W1 were off to a really quick start and gaining on GTC. After losing faith that they could catch GTC, unfortnately lost momentum and were caught by a rapid St Annes. hoping they could go for the overbump, they rowed on, but unfortunately the possible overbump bumped too. A not so fun 2k row for the first day. Better luck tomorrow ! (Nicki Hubbard)


To come soon.


W2 had a strong start, creating a lot of space between themselves and Univ 2. Oriel 2 bumped out ahead and it didn’t look like W2 would be able to catch Lincoln 2, but then Regent’s banked on greenbank. W2 almost managed to catch up with them but they got away in the nick of time with a fast start and strong row away. Then disaster struck for Regent’s as they caught a crab and Worcester made up the distance and bumped them hard, with 2’s blade ejecting the Regent’s cox from her seat. (Ben Phillips)

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Christ Church Regatta 2016 Friday and Summary

The Worcester Men

They began the day, thoroughly thrashing St Peter’s (who had seniors in their. boat) by 3 lengths

Quick turnaround at the boathouse, only to get knocked out by Keble A in a race where Worcester crabbed multiple times off the start, brief hope was offered when the race was klaxoned due to the racing line being blocked by another crew boating, however race desk decided that the gap was large enough to call the race as a victory for Keble 🙁

Ben Phillips

Michelle Row-Bama

Michelle Row-Bama rowed beautifully in the face of great adversity today – last minute changes in the crew, 3’s shoe coming off the footplate while warming up and several stressful pile-ups on the river before racing. After a strong start, our wonderful remaining women’s crew held level with Green Templeton. They rowed powerfully (and with good timing!) until the top of boathouse island, where the superior strength of the graduates showed as they pulled ahead. The women remained strong under their faithful cox and rowed a clean, fast race to the finish line after Green Templeton.

Sophie Harbord

Christ Church Summary

A fantastic regatta for WCBC, showing real promise for the novices, who will be vying for more, and will be training eagerly for bumps.  A quick recap of the week:

The Power Buff Girls won their first round race against St. Johns by a considerable margin, but the luck (or lack of) the draw meant they faced Nephthys winners, Wolfson WA in the second round, performing exceptionally well, only losing by a length.

The Worcester Men lost their first round race against Keble B, the Nephthys runner ups, before rowing over to reach the second round against St. Peter’s.  Having convincingly sent St. Peter’s home, the luck of the draw brought Worcester misery again in the form of another Nephthys winner, Keble A, who unfortunately proved too tough, and thus ended the Men’s run at Christ Church.

Destiny’s Children lost their first round race against a boat full of seniors in the form of Regent’s Park A, and unfortunately lost against a very strong LMH B.  The girls won’t go home disheartened, and will only train harder to seek their revenge in the form of bumps.

Michelle Row-Bama won their first round race convincingly against Christ Church B, a boat carrying seniors, only to end up facing the larger and more experienced grads of GTC A in the third round.  A decent fight was put up by the girls, and they will walk into BCD proud.

Overall, a fantastic regatta for the squad, that shows real talent and hunger amongst the novices – Christ Church Regatta has proven that the Boat Club, joined by an amazing group of novices, will make a very large dent in the bumps table for this season.

Jameson Lee

Christ Church Regatta 2016 Thursday

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Christ Church Regatta 2016 Wednesday

Today saw the graduation of our amazing novices – an exciting day dawned for WCBC, only dampened by the river conditions…  Here are the race reports from today:

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Cambridge Winter Head 2016


This weekend, the Men’s Development Squad took an eight up to Cambridge Winter Head.  Kindly hosted by Magdalene College Boat Club, a moderately scratched crew braved enemy waters.  Using a borrowed shell, the fearless men of eight powered up to the start, with impeccable technique and strength, impressing the marshals so much that they moved the boat up 50 places in the start order.  A powerful, light and rapid start sent the boys flying through the timing post, pulling an impressive time through the 1k timing point.  The Cam’s narrow and twisty bends were no challenge for the crew, and they stormed through the infamous 90 degree ‘gut’ with absolutely no trouble.  As they passed the half way mark, the boys tired, but thanks to the incredible willpower and quick catches, they soldiered through, all the way to the end, finishing the course in an impressive nine minutes and fifty seconds, coming 44th out of 236 and only being beaten by the local headship contenders and university squads.  A solid start to the season that shows the boys can do some damage this year.

Eights 2016

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Torpids 2016

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Christ Church Regatta 2015

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