Day 3 roundup (Alex Nevin):

M2 –  rapidly caught by a fast Queens’ M2 on the entrance to the gut. Exeter M2 chase them tomorrow, they’re currently on +1 but we’ll just to see what speed they’re packing.

W2 –  we wanted to hold Linacre off long enough to be caught by St. John’s, but unfortunately John’s soon dropped back. Linacre caught rapidly, yet a superb show of determination kept Worcester moving fast even as Linacre got 8 feet of overlap. The protracted bump finally occurred as they went to cross over on the Greenbank. St. John’s chase them tomorrow – can W2 manage a final-day row-over?

W1 –  Wolfson W2, packed with rowers displaced from their W1 by 6 returning blues, were always going to be fierce. And, sadly, they were. Worcester were bumped shortly before Donnington Bridge. Green-Templeton chase them tomorrow.

M1 –  Mansfield did their best, but Worcester reeled them just as fast as expected. 1 whistle a few strokes in, 2 whistles by the bridge, and it was all over by the entrance to the Gut. Tomorrow, Worcester chase Queens’ M1. Will it be +4 for Worcester?