Day 2 Roundup (Alex Nevin):

M2 –  A mishap on the start line sends them into the bank, unfortunately making life much easier for Benet’s M1. Being chased by Queens’ tomorrow, anything could happen.

W2 –  Bumped outside City of Oxford by a classy Magdalen W2. Very bad luck having a crew like that behind them. Sandwich boat at the top of WDiv4 tomorrow, being chased by a Linacre crew – let’s hope this proves a better opportunity.

W1 –  Bumped before Donnington Bridge by LMH W1. Let’s hope for better luck and a strong row-over tomorrow as Wolfson W2 chase them.

M1 –  We said there’d be a Worc-Lincoln-Mansfield sandwich, and there certainly was. Worcester took a fly-or-die race plan (who needs a stride?), getting to one whistle just a few strokes in. We caught Lincoln with a desperate push on the exit of the gut, saving a grateful Mansfield from potential spoons with just a few seconds to spare. We’ll be chasing Mansfield tomorrow, maybe they can return the favour?